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Tyler and Kelsey heard about Agape from their friends, one of theĀ first couples that we filmed, Landon and Jennifer. Through the process of getting to know Tyler and Kelsey, we learned of their nephew Hendrix aka “Hendo”. When Tyler and Kelsey talked about Hendrix, their eyes lit up. This little boy had captured their hearts.

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Hendrix was diagnosed with cancer and passed away before the wedding. He was such an integral part of Tyler and Kelsey’s life, we knew that we had to honor his life in their story. The dedication and persistence of the families through this tragedy moved us. Family and friends coming together to honor one life and celebrate another.



Tyler, one word comes to mind. Strong. He’s strong for Kelsey, strong for his friends, strong for Hendrix. He embodies what any husband, friend, son strives for: strength to see things through. Kelsey is full of LIFE. Her smile and laugh welcomes you into any conversation. Her compassionate and fierce heart pairs well with Tyler’s strength.

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Tyler and Kelsey are still fighting for people with cancer. Kelsey is a part of theĀ Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and has done events like Light the Night in honor of Hendrix. You guys are both incredibly fun and full of surprises.


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