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Two weeks into meeting Nicolas, Kayla was already doodling “Mrs. Kayla Giosa” all over her notebook. Six months into the relationship, they were already talking marriage. For these two lovebirds, their wedding has been a long time coming.


The morning of the wedding was full of joy for both the guys and the girls. After getting ready and celebrating with their best friends, the couple decided to do a first look.

Nicolas and Kayla knew they wanted to exchange personal vows, so they wrote letters to each other and read them during their first look. It was such a sweet and emotionally intimate moment.


The gorgeous couple got married at The Shrine of St. Therese in Fresno, an incredibly beautiful Catholic church. It was really important for them to be married by Father Perry, who has known Nicolas and his family since he was a young altar boy in church.


For us, filming inside such a visually stunning venue was also a treat. We had fun experimenting with ways to capture the colors and textures inside and outside the church.


The ceremony was followed by a party at Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center. Having a big party was important for the couple because it represented a celebration of bringing the two families together. It was obvious to us that there was a lot of love between the two families, especially from the toasts that were given.


Being surrounded by such supporting family and friends kept the couple beaming all night; their smiles were contagious to us even as we were focused on capturing their special day. It was truly beautiful to see so many people celebrating the love between Nicolas and Kayla.


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