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Miguel and Danielle have been planning this wedding for a long time. They were both born and raised in the Bay area. The first time we met with them, we fell in love. Miguel was into the wedding details and video was something that they both really wanted. They wanted to tell their story.



When we got to hang out with them, we learned that this day was something that they have been saving up for, planning for, etc. for years. Their friends were family to them. This day was meant to be fun, full of life and significant. Many of the wedding details were sentimental. Ultimately, they wanted this day to be special not for themselves but for their friends and family.



The ceremony was done by one of their close friends. The wedding location was a venue that Danielle has childhood ties to. Even The Birds Cafe where they had their rehearsal dinner had significant meaning for the family.


You could feel the love of family and friends as they surrounded Miguel and Danielle. One thing that we loved was watching Miguel continually make Danielle laugh. All their friends and family have been waiting for this moment. It finally happened and it was beautiful.

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