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When LJ and Lindsey contacted us to do their film, we were filled with total excitement. We’ve known LJ for a few years through an urban leadership program. We are a part of the same circles (Downtown Fresno revitalization community!) as LJ, so we were actually at “the Pink House” the night that LJ first met Lindsey.

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Naturally, they met during a fierce game of ultimate frisbee. From the moment we saw them together, we could just tell that they were it. That was the perfect match.

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LJ and Lindsey have an incredible community of people that surround them. We knew that there were going to be so many community “aw” moments during the wedding and before the wedding. We had to capture that.

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Their trip to New Orleans was actually an educational trip for them to further their urban leadership. Okay, they had fun too. We wanted to capture their love and their adventure and we knew that their trip was something monumental to their relationship. It was life changing. That’s their story.


LJ and Lindsey, this was an extra special one for us. Thank you for having us capture you, it was so much fun. #goingstronginhislove

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