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Derrick works across the street from us at a tech share space called Bitwise Industries.  He lives in Reedley but spends a lot of his time participating in different Fresno tech events like 59 days of Code. We didn’t get to meet Tiffany until much later so she became known as the mysterious bride…


We wondered what Derrick’s pair would be like: silly? techie? We finally met up with them both and we were pretty right on. Tiffany is one of the most silly brides we’ve met. She doesn’t try to be funny, she just is. Seeing them together finally painted the full picture for us of what their wedding day would look like and how we were going to capture their story.



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Derrick and Tiffany have known each other for a LONG time. Because of this, their families are close. We knew that family had to be key in this. We also knew that silliness had to be key. We wanted people to know that these two kids hold nothing back. They are living life to the fullest and there is nothing formal about it.



After the ceremony was over, we knew that capturing their candid silly moments wouldn’t be a problem. Silliness wasn’t the only takeaway from this though. Their loving and compassionate hearts took us back. They genuinely care about the world around them and are ready to make a difference. We know they will.


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