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From a quaint town called Kingsburg, emerged the passionate and beautiful couple, Andrew and Roslyn. Once we got to meet them, we quickly realized that we knew so many of the same people! We love when that happens. Andrew and Roslyn both work for The Well Community Church Kingsburg.

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As we got to know Andrew and Roslyn, we could clearly see that God was at the forefront of their marriage and would naturally be at the forefront of their wedding. Capturing their friends and family were also something that we knew would be crucial to tell their story. They had a large bridal party that was full of long time friends and family who knew them well. We needed to know those stories.



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Andrew and Roslyn are a touch of silly, a lot of beautiful, and even more in depth. When we hung out with them, our small talk quickly developed into a deep conversation about our world. Andrew is a musician. He sees the world as an artist. Roslyn is still trying to find her voice in this place we call earth but we have no doubt that compassion and helping others plays a huge role in her future.

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You guys are seriously beautiful.

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